Raw Food for Health and Beauty

So, if you read my welcome to my blog post, you’ll know that I’ve dabbled into raw food diet on and off for some years now. Raw food diet simply means eating food in it’s natural state (unprocessed, uncooked food). Heat destroys the nutrients and enzymes in food and raw foodists usually don’t heat food above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (about 48 degrees Celsius). Enzymes and … Continue reading Raw Food for Health and Beauty

Oil for Whiter Teeth?

Beauty care has been in existence since the time of our ancestors. Long before the coming of Europeans, we had a way of life that was unique to us. Back then, beauty fixes were gotten from ‘Mother Nature’. Well, actually, ‘Mother Nature’ was the main source for solutions to both health and beauty problems and oral care was no exception. The chewing stick is synonymous … Continue reading Oil for Whiter Teeth?

So You Want Beautiful, Radiant Skin?… Don’t We All!

The first rule in achieving beautiful skin is consistency and patience. Some remedies give instant results while others take a while to really show. Say, for example your goal is to maintain a youthful skin or get rid of acne, you should have a skin care regiment you follow consistently that will help you achieve and maintain this. Just ask ladies in their 60’s for … Continue reading So You Want Beautiful, Radiant Skin?… Don’t We All!

Hello and Welcome to My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been natural since 2006 when i first came across the curly girl method for naturally curly girls. I was fascinated with the concept of ditching shampoos for conditioner as a hair wash. This led me to do some further research and, to the discovery that most commercial beauty products that we use today from makeup to personal … Continue reading Hello and Welcome to My Blog