2 Detangling & Conditioning Oils For Your Hair

So, if you live in Nigeria you know we are just coming out of the harmattan season. I like to think of harmattan as our own version of winter (those living in colder regions would still consider it summer). Just like the winter season, harmattan brings about a lot of beauty challenges. Dry scaly skin, chapped lips, cracked heels and dry brittle hair are some of the challenges … Continue reading 2 Detangling & Conditioning Oils For Your Hair

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Long Hair? Yes Please!

  Hi there beautiful ones! Bet you don’t know this hair growth remedy that is lying idly in your kitchen as you are reading this! I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “hair is a woman’s crowning glory”. For centuries, long, thick, lustrous hair has always been associated with beauty and youthfulness and lets face it, it’s something those of us lacking in the hair … Continue reading Long Hair? Yes Please!