2 Detangling & Conditioning Oils For Your Hair

So, if you live in Nigeria you know we are just coming out of the harmattan season. I like to think of harmattan as our own version of winter (those living in colder regions would still consider it summer). Just like the winter season, harmattan brings about a lot of beauty challenges. Dry scaly skin, chapped lips, cracked heels and dry brittle hair are some of the challenges you can experience. Here are 2 natural deep conditioning and detangling oils you can use to spruce up dry hair:

Natural Ghee: Ghee or clarified butter is known as mai(n) shanu (which loosely translates to cow oil) in the Hausa language of Northern Nigeria. Mostly sold by Fulanis, ghee is made from cow’s milk by evaporating the water in milk and allowing the fat to seperate from the milk. This fat is known as Ghee. Ghee has been used by the Fulani people in Northern Nigeria for centuries. Like the Chadians, the Fulanis are known for their long, soft beautiful hair. Ghee is great for softening and deep conditioning the hair. It strengthens the hair, helps with length retention and, also repairs split ends. It helps heal dry, flaky and itchy scalp. You can use it on its own or mix it with other hair products. Ghee is rich in fatty acids, minerals and vitamins A, E & D. It is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants which helps in maintaining a healthy scalp and helps in the treatment of fungal and bacterial infections.

Ghee Hair Conditioner

You can use ghee in its butter form (before processing). It works great as a detangler. Be warned though! This butter in its raw form stinks and is not for the faint of hearts! Regardless of its stinkiness, I usually use ghee in butter form as a pre-poo and then follow up with a shampoo wash and a vinegar rinse to reduce it’s pungent smell. If your hair is protein sensitive, then I suggest you use just the oil. The oil can be used as a hot oil treatment or for scalp massages. Ghee oil or butter can be purchased at grocery stores or at your local Indian shop. Here in Nigeria, ghee is  sold by the cattle rearers usually in the butter form.

Palm Kernel Oil: This oil is another great hair conditioner and softener. Palm kernel oil is different from palm oil though they both come from different parts of the palm fruit. Palm oil is gotten from the flesh or pulp of the fruit while palm kernel oil comes from the seed. Palm Kernel oil is mostly found in the middle belt states of Nigeria right down to the southern states. Like ghee, it’s been used in skin and hair care for centuries.

Palm Kernel Oil for Hair

Palm kernel oil can have a dark brown or very light color depending on the extraction method used. The dark brown (which is the one I’m writing about) has a really strong nutty smell. You can use it as is or mix it with other oils and/or your favorite conditioner for a deep conditioning hair treatment. kernel oil solidifies in cold temperature just like coconut oil. It is rich in anti-oxidants and reduces breakage leaving your hair soft and shiny. You can use this oil as a pre-poo, a hot oil treatment or, as a scalp massage oil. You can find Natural African Palm Kernel Oil at your local African stores. You can also buy palm kernel oil here.

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of me and me is beautiful


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