Skin Hydration

The winter months or harmattan (depending on where you live) come with dry, itchy skin. I love these months to get warm and cozy. The dry weather on the other hand, can wreak havoc on your skin.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and it protects us from the harsh elements. We should therefore, invest in keeping it healthy and youthful.

Here are a few simple things you can do to keep your skin supple and hydrated during these cold, dry months.

Step 1: Water Water Water!

This probably sounds like a broken record but there’s a reason. First, it doesn’t cost you much as you need to drink water to survive anyway. Secondly, it is the best form of nourishment for your skin, flushing out those terrible toxins that can wreak havoc on our bodies and skin. Aside from helping in weight loss, water helps your skin retain moisture. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. While moisture-retaining topical products nourish your skin from the outside, water on the other hand is the building block you need to nourish your skin from the inside.

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Step 2: Having a Good Skin Care Routine

If you are in your 30’s or older, it’s time to start considering skin hydration as a major part of your skincare regime. It is highly beneficial to establish a skincare routine that works for you as there are different skin types and therefore, a plethora of skin products out there to choose from. You should keep in mind that not all products are going to work well on your skin. While it might take a while to find your holy grail routine, it will be worth your time once you get it down to the T!

Cleansing: Always start your skincare routine with a cleansed face. You can choose from mild moisturizing soaps depending on your skin type.


Butters and Oils: Natural body Butters like shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado butter are great for moisturizing your body and face. I use shea butter (the natural unprocessed kind) as it is the most readily available to me. I don’t mind the smell and I sometimes mix it with coconut or olive oil to make it easier to apply on my skin. If you don’t like unprocessed shea butter, there are great brands that make nicely scented whipped butters. If you have oily or combination/oily skin, then a natural oils such as olive, rosehip or jojoba will work just fine. This is usually the last step in a skincare routine to seal in all the moisturising products used on skin.

HOW TO USE: Use it on damp skin to lock in moisture. Butters and oils are great for “no fuss” skincare. They are anti-aging, restore skin elasticity and, reduce skin blemishes.


Hyaluronic Acid: This here is a real game changer in skin care routines. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the body. Also known as hyaluronan, it is found in connective tissues, the eyes and, our skin. Due to it’s water retaining properties, hyaluronic acid retains moisture in the skin giving you plumper, brighter, youthful skin. Hyaluronic acid has helped my skin significantly reducing my hyperpigmentation. Since using it, my skin has improved in texture and looks less dry. If you are a “no fuss” skincare person and like to keep your beauty regimen to the barest minimum, I highly suggest you include hyaluronic acid in your list of products. You can get a good one here.

HOW TO USE: Apply 3-4 drops of hyaluronic acid on to your palms and gently pat onto your clean damp face till it is completely absorbed by your skin. Allow for it to fully absorb into your skin before moving on to your next beauty product.

Hydrating Sheet Masks: This is a quick, soothing, effective way to increase skin hydration. Sheet masks are fabric masks soaked in serums. You put this fabric on to your face and let it sit there for about 20-30 minutes. Sheet masks work by preventing quick evaporation of serums and other active ingredients thereby, enabling deeper penetration of products into the skin. It is easy and convenient to use and a great “pick me up” for parched skin. There is a wide variety to choose from depending on what skin problem you are trying to treat. This hydrating mask from Nature’s Republic is a good one to try.

HOW TO USE: Open the pack and fix the sheet onto your face. Starting from the forehead, gently fit the sheet onto the contour of your face making sure all sides are covered. Once the sheet is properly fixed on your face, let the mask get to work while you relax. Leave it on for 10-20 mins depending on how much time you have.

For the D.I.Y Queens out there, here’s a natural hydrating mask you can make at home.

If you want to try out this regimen, the order for use of products would be cleanse, hydrate with hyaluronic acid, follow up with a hydrating mask and finish off with a moisturising butter or oil of choice.

What is your beauty routine like? Are you a “10 step” beauty regimen type or a “no fuss” type? Do let us know the routine you follow and your fav products. Drop us a message on facebook and twitter.

As always, stay beautiful.

Nothing Can Dim The Light That Shines From Within

Maya Angelou

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