3 Natural Skin Lightening Ingredients

photo by stockimages courtesy freedigitalphotos.net
photo by stockimages courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

Hello Beauties! I’ve always believed that great skin is the foundation of true beauty. You don’t have to fall into “the perfect features” category, beautiful skin is beauty period!

The quest for beautiful, youthful skin is unending. We spend thousands of Naira each year on beauty products. The desire to be “the fairest of them all” is at fever pitch with more women and men investing in skin lightening products.

Cosmetics companies worldwide are cashing in on this desire flooding our markets with skin lightening products. Some give decent results, and others… Well…, let’s just say your money could have been spent better elsewhere!

For as long as I can remember, light skin has been associated with beauty. The fairer your skin, the more beautiful you are perceived to be. Dark skin has more melanin than fair skin which makes blemishes and hyper-pigmentation more common. Lime or lemon is a popular home remedy for acne (pimples) and for as long as I can remember, has been used as a skin lightener to reduce acne scars and to even out skin color. There are different ways to lighten skin naturally. While the results are not photoshop dramatic, the difference is still highly noticeable. If you are seeking other natural skin lightening remedies besides lemon then keep reading.

Use these natural ingredients to banish skin blemishes and hyper-pigmentation.

1. Tomato For Fair and Glowing Skin:

Photo by Panpote Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

Tomatoes are great for skin whether you eat them or use them as face masks. A good source of vitamins C, E, K, B1, B6, B3, B2 and Lycopene, tomatoes can be used as a skin lightening agent to remove blemishes and even out skin tone. It is great for treating fine lines, acne, dull skin, oily skin, wrinkles, tanned skin. Here are two ways you can use tomato:

Tomato Face Mask: Grate or mash one small tomato, apply the paste to your freshly washed face and neck. Allow to dry a bit then apply a second coat of the tomato paste. Allow to dry completely then rinse off with water and pat your face dry.

Tomato and Lemon Mask: Grate or mash one small tomato and mix with a teaspoon of lemon or half a teaspoon of lime juice. Apply the paste on your face and allow to dry completely. Rinse and pat face dry.

2. Aloe Vera for Fair and Moisturised Skin:

photo by sommai via freedigitalphotos.net
photo by Sommai via freedigitalphotos.net

Aloe vera is a powerful skin remedy. It is a humectant for the skin helping it retain moisture. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it’s anti inflammatory properties makes it an excellent natural remedy for acne. It  can restore the original pigment of your skin and reduces scars and blemishes significantly. It is also great skin lightener with many nutrients that restore the skin’s suppleness. Here are two ways you can use aloe vera:

 photo by Sommai courtesy freedigitalphotos.netAloe Vera Mask: To use as a mask, simply cut a piece of the plant. Cut the piece into two and you will find a transparent gel like liquid oozing out. Rub the gel on your freshly washed face and allow to dry. You can rinse your face once dry or leave it on like a moisturizer (personally, I prefer to leave it on and usually do this at night).

revlon-body-lotion-600ml-997-pst ivesAloe Vera Lotion: Simply cut one aloe vera leaf into half and scrape out the gel. Put the gel in the blender and blend till there are no lumps left in the juice (do this on low speed as the juice will foam up). Next, take your body lotion of choice, nothing fancy (St. Ives and Revlon Honey body lotion work well). Pour half of the body lotion and half of the aloe vera juice into a container and mix very well. Pour the remainder of your body lotion into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Once mixed, you can transfer the mixture back into your body lotion container and use as you would your normal moisturizer. Use the remaining aloe vera juice for your hair. It does wonders!

3. Unripe Pawpaw for Glowing Revitalized Skin:

photo by Sommai via freedigitalphotos.net (2)
photo by Sommai via freedigitalphotos.net

Pawpaw contains natural enzymes that exfoliate your skin giving you a rejuvenated glowing complexion. It is a natural source of  AHA (alpha- hydroxy- acids) which is present in many exfoliating skin products, making pawpaw a natural exfoilant. Rich in papain (a natural enzyme that promotes skin renewal and cell turnover), it eliminates dead skin cells while it’s vitamin A serves as a natural anti oxidant for the skin. Unripe pawpaw is especially rich in papain which is why it is an effective skin lightening remedy. It is used to prevent premature aging. Here are two ways you can use pawpaw.

photo by Keerati courtesy freedigitalphotos.net
photo by Keerati courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

Pawpaw Mask: Cut a quarter of an unripe pawpaw into small cubes. Put the cut pieces into a blender with half a cup of water and blend till smooth. Sieve the blended pawpaw. You can use the juice straight on your face and rinse off once dry.

Pawpaw Honey Mask: Simply add a teaspoon of honey to your pawpaw juice and use this as a mask. rinse off after 20 mins. Please note that if you are fair skinned, the honey can give you a tan so best to do without if whiteness is your ultimate goal. If you are ebony or chocolate colored, the honey will give an added glow to your complexion. Alternatively, you can replace the honey with an egg white. Egg white tightens the pores and gives you a mini facelift.


* Always to a test patch when trying out new skincare products including d.i.y’s. Do this especially for aloe vera as some people are especially sensitive to it.

* The skin lightening treatments mentioned in this post can increase your skin sensitivity to excessive sun exposure. Endeavor to wear sunscreen when out in the sun. SPF 30 should do fine.

* You can do these treatments every day for one week and then reduce the frequency to three times a week

* Treatment is best done at night to allow your skin rejuvenate while you sleep


As always, stay beautiful!


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