D.I.Y Hair Masks

We all have good and bad hair days. Hair, like the rest of our body needs to be pampered and cared for. The more you care for it, the better it flourishes. People suffer from hair problems from time to time regardless of hair texture and length. There are days when your hair turns on you defying your quest to tame it. Perhaps you suffer from dry, brittle hair that breaks off at the slightest touch, or your hair looks dull like a lifeless  mop sitting on your head. If that’s the case, your hair is in dire need of a revival!

Most hair products contain mineral oil and other chemicals that coat the hair giving an illusion of shiny healthy hair. They don’t nourish your hair from within neither do they stimulate hair growth  or encourage healthy hair. If you are looking for an all natural hair treatment you can do in the comfort of your home, here are 3 d.i.y hair masks to breathe vitality into your hair. Use these masks to improve hair growth and strengthen your hair. These treatments can be done once or twice a month depending on the health of your hair.

Hydrating Treatment – Avocado Banana Mask:


What you’ll need:

  • Avocado  1/2
  • Banana   1
  • Lime Juice  1 spoon
  • Bowl
  • Spoon or Fork
  • Sieve

The Process: Blend or mash all 3 ingredients together. Add a little bit of water if it’s too thick. Stop blending once you have a smooth consistency (your mixture should be cake batter consistency to avoid excess dripping on your face). Place a sieve on your bowl and pour the mixture into the sieve. This is to remove tiny particles from the banana which can cling to your hair causing breakage. Once you’ve sieved out your mixture, part your hair into four sections and coat all strands from root to tip with the mask. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and allow to sit for at least 30 mins to 8hrs depending on how much time you have. Rinse out the mask thoroughly with warm water. You can do this before or after shampooing.

Avocado is a rich source of vitamin A and antioxidants. It promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall, adding shine to dull hair and taming frizzy hair. It also locks moisture into hair, nourishing hair cells and strengthening hair roots, shaft and strands. Heals damaged hair ends, moisturizing and hydrating your hair.

Banana is a natural form of biotin. It is rich in natural oils, vitamins and potassium. It helps soften the hair and maintain hair’s elasticity. Banana can increase hair volume and improve hair growth.

Lime is a natural cleanser. It removes excess oil from the scalp and acts as a clarifier, removing excess product build up from hair.


Protein Treatment – Egg and Honey Mask:

Protein treatments are made to strengthen weak, damaged hair. 88% of hair is made out of keratin (a form of protein) which is directly responsible for the composition of each hair strand. Protein fortifies the hair shaft reducing breakage. Severe protein deficiency can cause hair loss.

protein mask


What you’ll need:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk or cream
  • 11/2 spoons of honey
  • 1 spoon coconut oil
  • Bowl

The Process: Break the egg into the bowl and add all other ingredients. Mix together until completely combined. Section your hair into four parts and proceed to work the mask into each section making sure entire hair is coated from root to tip. Cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit any where from 30 mins to 8 hrs depending on your time. Once you are done, rinse out thoroughly and wash your hair as you normally would.

*Take care not rinse with hot/warm water as this will cook (scramble) the egg in your hair.

Egg yolk contains proteins and lecithin which moisturizes and strengthens the hair. It prevents against thinning hair and hair loss. Rich in vitamins A, D, and E, it protects hair from pollution and sun rays. It gives hair silk and shine.

Coconut milk is a very good conditioner because of its penetrative qualities. Coconut milk is known to nourish hair from deep within the scalp. It stops hair breakage and shedding, boosting hair growth.

Coconut oil is an excellent oil for all hair types. Packed with vitamins and antibacterial properties, it is also a great moisturizer that locks in moisture deep at the hair shaft. It protects the hair from heat and environmental damage.

Honey is a humectant. It allows the hair to retain water and moisture. Rich in vitamins, sulphur, calcium, potassium and iron, it’s no wonder honey is an excellent remedy for dry, brittle hair.


Strengthening Volumnizing Treatment – Henna Mask:

strenghtening hair mask

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of  henna
  • 1 spoon of fenugreek seeds or powder
  • 1 cup yoghurt (unsweetened, unflavored)
  • 2 spoons honey
  • Juice of half a lime

The Process: Soak fenugreek seeds in water over night (if using fenugreek powder then skip this and mix the powder straight with the other ingredients). Next day, blend the fenugreek water mixture until fenugreek is well blended. Mix the fenugreek with henna, yoghurt,honey and lime thoroughly. Apply to you hair making sure all strands are covered from root to tip. Cover with a plastic cap and let sit for at least 30 mins. Rinse out thoroughly with cold water. You can do this before or after shampoo. If you have really dry hair, you can add conditioner to your hair after washing out the mask. Let the conditioner sit for 15- 30mins then rinse it out.

If you’ve just had a chemical hair treatment i.e relaxer or hair color, then wait 1 week after the treatment before using henna. Also, if you are planning on using henna before a chemical treatment, then use it 10-14 days before your chemical treatment.

*Note that henna can change the color or your hair orange red to deep brown, burgundy highlights depending on your natural hair colour. The longer henna stays in the hair, the deeper the color intensity.

Henna is mostly used as a hair dye and natural body tattoo. However, this natural plant has other hair benefits. Henna makes the hair stronger and more resilient to damage. It gives limp, thin hair more body and shine. Henna is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal which helps with dandruff. Henna makes hair strands strong, kinda like a protein treatment would. But note that it is different from a protein treatment.

Fenugreek also known as methi in India is great for fighting hair problems. It is rich in protein and nicotinic acid which are both important in rebuilding and strengthening hair follicles. It contains large amounts of lecithin strengthening hair from the roots. It is a great treatment for follicular problems.

yoghurt is a great natural conditioner. It restores moisture and strengthens the hair. The moisturizing properties in yoghurt help combat the dryness that can sometimes result from using henna. It is great for split ends.

Enjoy your journey to healthy fabulous hair!

As always, we always love to hear from you so let us know how your fabulous hair journey is going.




Photo Credits: Darla Huesk, Dionysius Burton, Veganbaking.net, John Revo Puno, Meal Makeover Moms, ZoyaChubby, Jules, Liz West, Robin_24 via Flickr: Creative Commons.


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