What Your Hands Say About You

rose in a hand

Your hands can reveal a lot about you, health wise and beauty wise. In our quest for youthfulness and beauty, we tend to focus all our attention on the face and pay little attention to other parts of our body. Did you know that your hands, next to your face are the second most exposed part of your body and are just as delicate?

You come across a woman with smooth, blemish free, radiant looking face and you take a look at her hands and cringe! You can’t reconcile those wrinkly, dry hands dotted with age spots with the same smooth youthful looking face. I’ve met women with perfect skin that looked 10 years younger than their actual age and I remember looking at their hands and think “NOoooo, those hands and face can’t belong to the same person”! Constant exposure to sunlight, subjecting hands to hard labour and use of harsh chemicals in detergents and washing soaps results in sun damaged, dry, hard hands .

It is often said that “the eyes are a window to the soul”, well, I think that “hands are a window to our age”.  Wrinkles and discoloration of hands from brown spots and sunspots are part of the aging process but can be accelerated from neglect and sun damage. We want soft, smooth, elegant looking hands and I believe that as beauty conscious women we should! Caring for hands should be an easy, therapeutic process that can easily be incorporated into our daily regimen. Here are my simple tips to beautiful soft hands.

hydrated hand

Tip 1

Just like you do your face, exfoliate your hands once a week.

Tip 2

If you suffer from dry or sensitive hands, try massaging with a light oil like olive oil or even vegetable cooking oil (groundnut oil if you like) before washing your hands. This will leave your hands moisturized and protect them from the drying effects of detergents in your soaps.

Tip 3

Always massage your hands with moisturizers. Good natural choices are olive, avocado and coconut oils. Shea and cocoa butters are also excellent choices as they contain Vitamins A and E which are good for treating brown spots.

Tip 4

Soak your hands in warm milk and lemon juice once a week for 15-20mins to slough off dead skin. This will lighten the dark spots on your hands and the protein in milk will strengthen your cuticles.

Tip 5

If you have rough hands, rub a mixture of Shea butter and olive oil on your hands at night and wear plastic gloves (the kind you get in hair relaxer packs) before you go to bed. Leave on over night and wash out the next morning. Doing this regularly will soften your hands and reduce wrinkles.

Tip 6

Protect your hands from harsh rays of the sun by wearing SPF 15 or more and wear gloves when washing to protect them from harsh chemicals in detergents as they can dry out the skin. If you can’t wear gloves (for example, when hand washing clothes) then always rinse your hands properly and follow immediately with a good hand moisturiser (Shea butter or Vaseline works well). You can have beautiful hands at any age, it just takes devotion and caring for them properly.

There you have it ladies! Let me know how your hands are doing and what regimen you follow.

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life -Coco Chanel


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