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slice of lime

Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been natural since 2006 when i first came across the curly girl method for naturally curly girls. I was fascinated with the concept of ditching shampoos for conditioner as a hair wash. This led me to do some further research and, to the discovery that most commercial beauty products that we use today from makeup to personal care have chemicals in them that can harm our bodies.

At about the same time, I discovered a diet called the raw food diet (a concept that sounded very strange to me at first) but people on this diet claimed they got abundant energy, complete cure from illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure and also maintained youthfulness. Naturally my curiosity was piqued! So i decided to give it a try  just to see if it I would experience the benefits it claimed and work it DID! I could write a loooong post about the benefits I experienced but I’ll leave that post for another time. Although I enjoyed the diet tremendously, I never stayed on for more than a week at a time just because I wasn’t sure the fruits and vegetables I was eating were organic (not easy finding organically certified foods here except its imported food) being that I’m in Nigeria. I always get weird and curious looks when i talk about raw food. The first question I get asked all the time is “you eat RAW MEAT?!” (Cracking up here, “as if” meat is the only food we have!)

Anyways, here we are in  2013 and I’m still on my quest for natural beauty. I’ve had a few slip-ups and setbacks along the way but all in all, it’s a great adventure and discovery that I’m on and I’m loving every moment of it! I’ve gone completely natural in my complete hair (yes my hair is natural) and skin care for a year now. I love trying out different recipes and to see what results I will get and I kid you not, I’ve gotten some amazing results! We all have different skin types and hair textures and finding the best solution for our different skin types is what this blog is all about.

I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with you and together, we can achieve natural, lasting, radiant beauty. I invite you to join in my quest. Thanks for stopping by.

There are no ugly women – only women who don’t care or who don’t believe they’re attractive- Estee Lauder



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